Why Are My Feet So Cold?My Feet Are Cold All The Time,no Matter What I Do They Won't Warm Up.I've Tried Water Bottles On My Feet At Night To Wearing 5 Layers Of Socks.They R So Cold They Go Numb And I Get Pins And Needles Too. Even When Its A Hot Day.


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Do you smoke by any chance or have heart disease. It is probably a circulation issue, you need to go to the doctor to see what is causing this, best wishes  (by the way, I love your avatar pic!)
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Pins and needles is just when your feet fall asleep. This can be caused by low blood circulation, but this can be perfectly normal. Just try not to sit on your feet, and don't sit on hard surfaces for long periods of time.

As for the coldness, our feet sweat a lot. It doesn't have to be warm for you to sweat. You're always sweating. When you wear lots of layers the sweat isn't able to evaporate. What helps for me is: Not wearing thick boots for too many hours, changing socks twice a day, and just wear a thin pair for most of the day. Also warming up the rest of your body can help you not feel cold overall. Wear gloves and hat if you want to.

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Bad blood circulation.

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I would see a doctor for this and make sure there is no issue with blood flow
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Yes, you gotta be careful. I once fainted because of simple pins and needles in my right foot.

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