What Is A Safe Burn Cream?


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Silvadene cream is also very good for all types of burns. It is mainly used in hospitals and burn units, but you can usually get a prescription from your doctor, just ask. I keep ours in the fridge on the recommendation of our doc. It helps cool the burn quicker when the cream is cold. It also is the best thing for sunburns, works better than aloe vera!
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It is truly the best burn cream around. Nephew sunburnt himself really bad on his back & chest when he was 12 and we rubbed it on and threw on an old very large t-shirt & he didn't blister and peel. I like to keep it in the fridge also cause it's instant relief and it really works.
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I had a doctor tell me to use 50% boric acid and 50% water, soak a cloth in this and lay on the burn for 20 minutes. It did help, but PLEASE ask a doctor first for the best advice.
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Aloe vera gel is extremely good for burns. All types of burns, sun burn etc. It is very cooling, asbd soothing and may help in the prevention of scars. Make sure it is at least 99 percent aloe vera.

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