What Causes Burning In The Vagina When I Urinate,white Discharge,and Itching In The Vagina?


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Well it sounds like you may have a yeast infection or imbalance of your hormones in some cases , but I would get to my primary physician and have him do a pap and run test to see what it really is and he can prescribe the medication you need and you might just need something over the counter. Not using protection can be a problem and you might have contracted a sexual transmitted disease.
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It is possible that you might be suffering from a Urinary Tract Disease or UTI, because the symptoms are more or less the same. You must consult your doctor, as it can be cured by taking antibiotics. For more information on the disease, see the link below:
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Those are some symptoms of a yeast infection, definitely go see your doctor. It can be treated quickly with a over the counter cream or doctor prescribed one. Good luck!

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