What Could A Thick Creamy White Foul Smelling Discharge From Vagina Indicate?


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A thick, creamy white, foul smelling discharge from the vagina usually indicates an infection. Vaginal discharge that is normal is usually white or clear, thick or thin. There will be no odour and there is no itch. Abnormal vaginal discharges could be a green or yellow discharge that will usually be from some infection. A discharge that is foul smelling will usually be from some infection as well and a white, thick non odorous discharge that resembles cottage cheese will often be caused by yeast infections.

Usual Causes of Abnormal Vaginal Discharges

•         Vaginitis:   This is a broad term meaning ‘vaginal inflammation’. Vaginitis symptoms are genital itching and vaginal discharge. The causes of vaginitis could be from chemical irritation, for example overuse of over-the-counter medications or excessive douching, or vaginitis could be from an infection. Vaginitis has three main types of infections:  Candidiasis (a white, thick non odorous discharge that resembles cottage cheese); Trichomonas (a yellow-green, foamy foul smelling discharge); and Bacterial Vaginosis (a white-grey discharge with a fishy odour).

•         Foreign bodies in the vagina:   Any foreign bodies in the vagina, for example a forgotten tampon, must always be removed so as to prevent any vaginal infection. Sometimes these will only be discovered when the woman consults with her doctor concerning a bad smelling vaginal discharge.

•         Sexually Transmitted Disease:   Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea are two diseases with symptoms that include an abnormal or new vaginal discharge. Bleeding, pelvic pain, and pain when urinating could also occur with any sexually transmitted disease. 

Your doctor should always be consulted for any foul smelling vaginal discharge. Once the cause of the foul smelling vaginal discharge has been established, your doctor will advise treatment. Your doctor might have to examine you internally, and secretions will have to be examined to identify the organisms.
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I do not know what it indicates but I know how to solve your problem.  I've had that problem for a long time.  Once I got married I couldn't bare it alone anymore.  I got something called "WaterWorks", I heard of it from the show "The Doctors".  It's something that cleans you out from the inside.  I use it daily and no longer get discharge and it no longer smells down there.  I don't even go on vacation without it.  It's a must have for your problem.
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A white, creamy discharge can be a symptom of a yeast infection, an infection, or something more serious such as cervical cancer. Many sexual diseases such as gonorrhea or vaginal herpes can have such symptoms. If the discharge does not go away within a few days, you should go see a gynecologist. It may just be a yeast infection, but this is something that definitely needs to be checked out.
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Go to your doctor as soon as possible. It could be a yeast infection or something else. This is embarrassing to say but once I had a tampon stuck up there and had an infection. I'm glad I went to the doctor but would have to say that this was my most embarrassing moment. Peace.
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I have the same problem and I just finished looking it up....if its really smelly and is white, you might have a yeast infection. My advice to you, wear panty liners to keep you underwear clean. Oh yeah, and don't wear a thong during this period of time.
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Some discharge is normal.  But if it has a fowel smell it usually means an infection.  Usually with a yeast infection you will have itching down there.  There are several types of antibiotics and creams that will kill it.  Yeast infections are normal, part of life, and most people get them and some get them a lot.  You can buy Monistat 7 is what doctors usually suggest.
If you go and see your doctor which I recommend for sure if you try treating your symptoms over the counter and it don't get better then make sure you get seen.  Any ways, the doctor can give you a one time cream or a pill you can take.  Some times if you tell your doctor over the phone you will not need to see him and he will give you a prescription and have you try that first.
However, if your discharge changes color and does not get better especially the fowel smell you need to be seen.  If there is any burning down there, or does it hurt one you go pee, or if you get a back ache, or you feel like you have to pee all the time, you may have a urinary tract infection, bladder infection, kidney infection, or something else which then you will need to be seen by your doctor to get tested and get on an antibiotic. 
To help with the symptoms you can try eating a lot of yogurt and drinking cranberry juice will help and prevent it in the future.  Good luck and take care.
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I would have it looked at by a doctor but I had the same problem like 6 months ago and it was clumidia don't freak out it is treatable whit just 3 pills they will give you you must take them everyday at the same time this only happenes if your partner had it then passed it on I would talk to your doc or obgyn they will give you a pap cause sometime it is not detectable through your pee good luck huh after the pills it will be gone for good if the both of you take them
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It sounds like a yeast infection and you need an antibiotic to get rid of it. Call your dr. Or go to the hospital is which I would do. The sooner the better so the infection doesn't get any worse.
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Yeast infections, which are common, usually do not have a foul odor. The foul odor indicates a different type of infection, for which you'll need a prescription to treat (usually Flagyll).
Regardless of what it is, if you've never had a yeast infection, you should always visit your doctor for your first one so he/she can properly diagnose you. After that, you know what it looks and feels like and can usually treat with over the counter medications like Monostat 7. Make sure you do not douche or use any sprays, as this can force any infection deeper into your vagina and cause worse problems.
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The vaginal discharge with smell is due to protozoan infection. It can be due to from your partner or due to unhygienic conditions. It can be treated by taking metronidazol. For complete treatment both partner should be treated.

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