What Cause The Vagina To Be Dry?


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There are glands in the vagina that secret the natural lubrication. This occurs in response to physical stimulation, vigorous physical activity, and sexual arousal.

If the vagina is dry it may be because the woman is not sexually aroused. (if you, trying to arouse the person in another manner it should help. Also the physical stimulation may help)

Another reason it may be dry is because with increasing age glands of all sorts begin to decrease in function, even the ones in the vagina.

Even a third reason could be plausible. She may have a gland disorder that causes vaginal dryness such as cystic fibrosis and others.

Many drugs have side effects that cause vaginal dryness too. Check with her pharmacist or doctor about med options that do not cause this if it is to inconvenient.

In any case, a good water based lubricating jelly will do the trick! Even if she IS wet naturally a little extra lube can be very pleasing!

There is nothing wrong with the woman if any reason is the cause. All bodies are different and many factors effect how we function.

I hope I have not offended you with my sexual remarks!
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In my Human Sexuality sex class we learned it can be from a majority of things but mainly 2
1. Hormones
2. Sex drive------  Take more time to get there!!!!
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Well when this matters dose happen it is more than like you of the female or just not horny the best way to fined out is to try if you do get wet but you are very horny than it could be female problems like  older woman lose their sex drive I don't want to think about it I am 22 scary

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