Why Do Some People Argue That Smoking Isn't That Dangerous?


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It's very hard to credily argue that smoking is anything but dangerous (long-term) for the person actually doing the smoking. The evidence on this is overwhelming. So the real controversy is over passive smoking (when you don't smoke but somebody you spend time with often does smoke). Is it unsafe to spend time with someone who smokes a lot?

Several studies have noticed that passive smokers seem to have a higher risk of lung cancer, asthma and heart disease. The question is, would these people be at elevated risk of these conditions for other reasons, or is it just down to the smoky atmosphere? This is an extremely tricky thing to measure, because there are so many variables that can come into understanding the development of conditions as complicated and varied as asthma and heart disease. And many passive smokers are ex-smokers themselves, so would tend to be at risk of developing lung cancer, anyway.
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People argue that smoking isn't really that dangerous because decades of research seem to indicate that it really isn't as dangerous as most people seem to think. "Only" 35% of lifetime smokers will die of ANY smoking related illness. Only 10% of lifetime smokers will ever develop lung cancer.

While it's true that those are pretty scary numbers, the truth is that well over half of all lifetime smokers will die of something totally unrelated to smoking and, contrary to popular belief, most smokers will never get lung cancer.
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According to some reports, they say only a minor group of serious smokers may have health-related diseases compared to those who don't smoke. So, they have a skewed perception that smoking isn't that dangerous as hyped up to be, so they picked up smoking for the hell of it, thus leading to a path of beyond redemption. See, smoking really is a big problem and should be stopped. More campaigns needed to correct this wrong mentality.
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It is depends on people's immunity power. If your body immunity is not good for enough then smoking is dangerous for you.

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Because when someone is "IN" a thing, whether it be ANY Addiction, bad relationship, or Cult; they have already resolved to rationalizing away the "bad" things about that THING they are in. They will even go so far as to spend time with other's in a similar bad THING for conformation bias, that they are in the RIGHT with what they are doing . . .

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