If I Drink Tonight, Will It Show Up On A Breathalyzer On Monday? Or Will It Show Up In A Urinalysis? What If I Had Like 5-6 Beers(12oz)? Now How About Hard Liquor? Well I Am Asking How Long Will Beer And Hard Liqour Stay In Your System?


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I can answer this one from experience...:-)

I assume you wanted to drink last night, which would have been Saturday night, and depending on when you stopped drinking you should have a clear breathalyzer at some point today.  Beer and wine do not stick around as long as liquor so if you are going to have a breathalyzer I would recommend to stay away from the hard liquor as it has a much higher percentage of alcohol and it will take longer for your system to get rid of it.

When I know I have to go in for a breathalyzer, I make sure that I stop drinking between 11:00-12:00pm (beer and/or wine) and I will blow fine at 8am the next day.

I had a day when I was drinking vodka all night one night (stopped by 11pm) and had to do a breathalyzer by 10:30 the next day and just barely made it...think I blew just below the county minimum which for me is  .025.

Typical urinalyses do not test for alcohol unless you are asked to submit to a EtG, which can detect alcohol in urine up to 80 hours after you ingest it.  I have only been asked to do one once, by the judge, but I always make sure that I steer clear of the stuff within 80 hours of even stepping foot in the courthouse just in case.  

If this is going to be a regular thing for you...I do recommend that you buy a personal breathalyzer, they are a bit expensive (try EBay) but you can do some "field testing" at home and see how your actual body eliminates it.  (Depends greatly on weight and how much drank)

If you do have to go in for a breathalyzer and you know you are blowing high, I can recommend that you:

1.)  Drink a LOT of water
2.)  Sweat it out (high level exercise)

Even though a lot of people will tell me that I am wrong, it DOES work.  Trust me.  The day I had to go in by 10:30 I woke up at 8 blowing a .18 still and worked it down in 2.5 hours.

Good luck.
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If I drank a Fith of rum one night and drank a gallon of water the next day before a ua test will it come out dirty?

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