If I Drank 12 Beers In 6 And A Half Hours And Then Stopped Drinking At 10pm, Will It Show Up In A Urine Test I Took 14 Hours Later?


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Providing you have a healthy liver, it will take one hour for your liver to remove one unit of alcohol. So if you drink heavily in the evening you may still be over the legal drink drive limit the following morning. Only time can remove alcohol from your blood stream - black coffee, cold showers and fresh air will not sober you up. Where as :

* Half a pint of ordinary strength lager/ beer/cider (3.5-4%A.B.V.) = 1 unit
* A 25ml pub measure of a spirit (40%A.B.V.) = 1 unit
* A small glass of wine (8-9%A.B.V.) = 1 unit

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Although this was posted some years back, the response regarding urine tests is incorrect, and is still important to address. A urine test can detect any alcohol in the urine up to 80 hours after taking even a single drink....testing after 12 beers 14 hours later will, without doubt test positive. The breathalyzer will not register one unit after about 1 hour, depending on body weight and how much you ate.

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