What Is The Best Way To Get Wax Out Of The Ear?


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Your friend can have a doctor remove it with a bulb syringe filled with warm water and hydrogen peroxide. There are self-use syringes that require only warm water, and can be used while in the shower.
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Probably a q-tip when your ear is a little wet
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When you get out of the bathtub or pool when your ear is wet inside take your finger and just move it around inside your ear and it might get it out
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I have to disagree with those recommending peroxide in your ears. There are a couple of things to know about. One, why do you think your ears have excess wax in the first place, they are quite capable of self cleaning. The best piece of advice regarding putting things like q tips in your ears is don't DO IT. The structures and tissues of your ears are delicate and easily damaged (that's why I wouldn't put a bleach like hydrogen peroxide in there, it may work but can cause other problems) never poke around in your ears, an old doctor friend of mine used to tell people " don't put anything in your ear smaller than your elbow".. Good advice if you follow.  If you do have excess wax, i.e. It interferes with your hearing, drip in a little warm olive oil (to soften the wax) twice a day for 3 or 4 days (a small spoon held over a kettle spout will do it) then go and have then cleared by a professional doctor or nurse with a device made for the task and used correctly. You only get one set of ears to last you a lifetime, look after them.
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Silvia Gouveia
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I just want to say something aimed at everyone that says " YOUR EARS ARE SELF CLEANING!!!" yes maybe your ears are perfectly fine cleaning itself but there are a percentage of the population that have a narrow ear canal, therefore the ear wax does NOT just fall out, if that was the case then people would be desperately needing advise on how to clean their ears.I don't use q-tips but i still had a problem with wax build up and iv had my fair share of doctors syringing my ears, but its a terrible feeling and no one wants to hear water forced into their ears!! i have tried any of the home remedies like olive oil, peroxide or ear candling yet but i need to throw something in my ear to clean out the wax before i land up with a syringe in my ears again,. The one thing that annoys me, is that my doctors never advised drops etc to help clean out the wax, so its all a money making scheme for some of them!!!! So please, before you guys try seem all smart with the SELF CLEANING crap, you should read up on it first. Im out......
Silvia Gouveia
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I totally disagree with you in the first part of your answer..... Yes, maybe YOUR ear are perfectly capable of self cleaning, but there is a percentage of the population ( including me) that have a narrow ear canal, therefore the wax cannot just fall out. These people that are searching for advise on how to clean their ears are two steps ahead of you sweetie!! They just wanna avoid paying a doctor to do it. If you have ever heard the feeling a syringe forcing water deep into your ear, you would also be desperately looking for an alternative. So please, before you tell these people what they already know, make sure you know what you are talking about instead of trying to seem smart!! I'm out......

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