Can A Tooth Infection Cause Fever And Fatigue?


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Fever is usually a sign that the body is trying to fight an infection. You shouldn't be feeling pain from the root canal, so it's very likely you have an infection. Better see the dentist. An infection like that can spread to other parts of your body, and why should you have to be in pain?
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Tooth infection can result in Fever and fatigue. It seems that your root canal didnot go well and it is resulting in tooth decay. There might be pus accumulation in your tooth so you better get it checked by your dentist. See the link below for further details:
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Yes! Get to the dentist asap.You could have sepsis (infection through your whole body) from it.
Good luck!
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I just had a root canal done 7 days ago.  Since the root canal I have had a fever, no energy, and I just want to sleep.  I just don't feel good.  The dentist said that he did nothing that would make me feel this way.  I went to my doctor today and she took blood test and wont have the results for a week or 2.  I think I am having a reaction to the chemicals from the root canal.  I am considering having the tooth removed.
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I'm pretty sure it can. An infection can spread from your mouth to the rest of your body. I would get that infected tooth looked at as soon as you can. Fun fact; there is evidence that shows that bad oral hygiene may be directly connected do Alzheimer's disease.

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A tooth infection can cause death if the bacteria reaches the heart - in the TV show NYPD Blue, that is how they wrote a main character off the show (Jimmy Smits)

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