I Need A Good Remedy For Tooth Infection Without Using Antibiotics?


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I have had a long bout with teeth infections since the enamal on my teeth didn't develope correctly due to a lactose allergy as a child.  For excellent tooth ache pain (I mean excruciating) don't use coffee or whisky.  The best method I have found so far to relieve the pain (for about 20 min to an hour) is mixing equal parts of ground cayenne pepper, cloves, and ginger with a little bit of warm water to make a paste.  Apply it directly to the infected tooth (avoid the gums if you can't tolerate hot spices)  This has been helping me for a long time.  The above herbs all have the substance P blocking chemical salicylate (an aspirin like chemical.  Applied directly to the affected area will instantly relieve the pain.  As far as getting rid of infections, it's hard to say.  Swabbing the tooth with bleach has been a suggestion, but not one I have tried.  Warm (as warm as you can stand) water with salt water is an excellent antiseptic rinse, which will help to controll the spread of the bacteria, but I don't know if it will irradicate it completely.  If the pain persists for more than a week, consult your Dentist or MD.
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1. Hot coffee...Drink a cup of hot coffee, holding each swallow on the tooth for a bit.

2,Whiskey....Put some whiskey in your mouth and let the tooth soak in it for a bit.

Repeat as necessary, two or three times for me, helps the pain and the swelling.
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Whatever you do, don't drink coffee. I went to dentist today with same problem. Drinking coffee makes the swelling much worse. Antibiotics are the only way to relieve pain and swelling. Infection will spread and get into your jaw bone without treatment. I suggest you go to the dentist asap.
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Brush your tooth with baking soda its quick fix
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Unless you have an allergy to antibiotics, I don't think it's a good idea for you to try to treat the infection without one. An infection in a tooth can spread to other parts of your body. It can make you ill. It's just plain dangerous.
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The peroxide will work great. If you are having pain and you need a quick fix get a Q-tip dap it in bleach and apply to affected area. This will num the area. Never mix the two. And h. Peroxide is recommended over the bleach.
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Please use turmaric powder and musturd oil .  Make paste of them and use by  cotton .this is best cure for every tipe of infection.
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Gramboo , chew it for at least five or ten minutes then rinse mouth with some warm water , do it twice or trice a week , please don't drink the salaiva , spit it out instead
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While many of these remedies are good for relieving pain, they will not cure an infection. Since your tooth is broken and now infected to the point where the side of your face is swollen, you need to get to a dentist and take the antibiotics.

There are homeopathic remedies for infection. However, in your case, the infection is too far gone. Get to a dentist and take care of it.

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