How Do You Soften Hard Dry Heels?


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You need to use the thickest, gooiest moisturiser that you can find. Apply it to your heels at bedtime, then put a pair of socks on, to retain the moisturiser. Always moisturise your feet after bathing/showering/washing.
If the skin is thick enough to crack then you should see a podiatrist to have it removed.
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you can use Canyon Sun Skin Cares moisturizing balm and Healthy foot Polishing Pad. They will work nearly always to restore the smoothness of your heels. Do not use if the skin is cracked. Also, this is an ongoing problem, and needs intermittent upkeep.
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You will need a heel file . Made by Dr. Scholls . It looks a lot like those micro plains used in your kitchen . It has two different sides.
A rough side and a smoother side . File down rough skin using the rough side first , then smooth it out using the finer side, then use a heel balm such as Flexitol heel balm , saturate the heels with that , then put on a nice thick sock overnite . ..Should do the trick Stafford. And do moisturize daily to maintain .
Good luck !

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