What Causes Black Color Around Ankles?


3 Answers

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Did she talk to them about it? This sounds serious! There is a chance that medicine might do this, but I would think that it would be extremely rare to happen. She needs to go back and find out what it is for sure, you don't want to take chances with it. Is there also a chance that this might be bruising? I hope so. Hope this helps, good luck.
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Doris Harvey answered
Advice is to see your Doctor..Could be many causes, such as Heart, Liver problems..Circulatory problems cause this.
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Penny Kay answered
I am in agreement with the 2 answers above. This could be a circulation problem or the aftermath of a circulation issue. It could be from swelling in the legs that has subsided. It could be from medication, whatever it is, I believe it to be serious enough to warrant a thorough inspection by a Dr.

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