How To Get Rid Of Razor Burn/razor Rash In Bikini Area?


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Shaving around the sensitive bikini area causes the body to naturally react against infection, causing the dreaded swelling sensation and painful red bumps. The best remedy to calm razor burns is to apply a soothing after-shave balm or use vitamin E oil over the infected area.

You may find that ‘prevention instead of cure’ is the best way forward. Following some simple tips can help to avoid razor burn or razor rash in the future. Always use a new blade or new disposable razor to shave around the bikini area because this area is slightly more sensitive and delicate compared to other parts of your body. This will also ward off infection caused by mildew or mould which can be present on old razor blades.

Use warm water to open up pores as this will make it easier for hair to be gently removed. Also remember to shave in light motions and avoid shaving the same area more than twice as this will cause irritation, thus leading to razor burn. The general rule is to shave in the same direction of the hair growth (usually downward) and avoid stretching your skin taut - be gentle on your skin! When you have finished shaving, apply cool water, alternatively put a cold cloth or towel around the area, to close the pores and to calm any redness or irritation.

To soothe the shaved part, apply vitamin E oil or Aloe Vera gel directly after patting dry to avoid bumps. If you don’t have access to vitamin E oil or Aloe Vera, ointment and after-shave balms are also an option. These are known to work better than liquid
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To the kids: Bikini rash is problematic! But, if you're gettin' naked with a boy already and you're still having problems with these unsightly little buggers, if you catch him staring, just say "don't worry! It's just razor rash. I'm working on it. Protip: Guys are pretty dumb until they reach about 35 or 40, so if you don't tell 'em what's for, their imaginations will probably run away with em.

Let's sum all this up though:

1. Use a fresh, single-blade razor every time you shave down yonder. Pubic hair is notoriously coarse, and the sharper the blade, the better; Single-blade razors also help to minimize friction and irritation. Also, using a fresh, unused razor every time you shave will ensure proper sanitation to prevent not only the razor bumps, but even more unsightly foliculitis, which can prove to be an even more unsightly, difficult infection of the hair follicle.

2. It may take more time than just shaving standing up in the shower, but be sure you soak for several minutes in a tub of nice, warm to hot water. Softens up the hairs, opens the pores, and makes hair removal more comfortable and expeditious.

3. Exfoliate the area using a mildly abrasive scrub, and some kind of gentle loofah; Getting rid of those pesky dead skin cells is very important, because for some of us, the bikini area tends to foster ingrown hairs. Exfoliate thoroughly before and gently after to avoid irritating the skin.

4. Shave GENTLY. I know it's tempting to go hard to really really make sure you get that nice, smooth finish, but it's only going to make things worse. Taking your time is just as effective as using plenty of torque, and a lot less irritating.

5. Use a nice, gentle, moisturizing shave creme, preferably one that is specifically designed for shaving the delicate pubic region.

6. Use a nourishing, moisturizing, soothing post-shave treatment containing some kind of antiseptic, and a component like aloe vera, vitamin E, and/or tea-tree oil. Helps to calm the skin.

7. Post-shaving, avoid the friction that accompanies tight pants and panties. Your crotch has been through a lot. Give it a break. Choose a time to shave that you could just lounge around in a nice pair of baggy pants or boxers. PROTIP: DO NOT SHAVE IMMEDIATELY BEFORE GOING SWIMMING IN A POOL OR AT THE BEACH. Especially at the beach. When that chlorine and/or salt water hits your freshly shaved loins, you'll very immediately wish you'd never been born.

8. Continue to keep the area very clean and exfoliated to avoid follicle infections and ingrown hairs. If you find you're developing and ingrown hair, it may be a good idea to just get it over with and yank that sucker out with a pair of tweezers. 

9. If the above methods seem to fail for you, I recommend saving up your money and going for the brazilian wax. They wax off everything between your belly button and your back door, and it's pretty painful to begin with, but after several treatments it gets easier and less painful; The hair grows back in softer and finer, and you only need to wax every 6-8 weeks; don't try shaving in between waxes. You'll regret it.
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You know jessica has a great idea  also if you change the razor it will be help I have gotton some razors that feel like there taking off a layer of skin I like shiek with the aloe strip also if  you go in the direction of the hair it will help
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There's a cream called BIKINI ZONE. It's amazing. Also, use a BRAND NEW razor when you shave, and make sure to soak in warm water for a little while before shaving. Pull the skin tight when you shave, and take your time.
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I think to the younger ones, its just something you will learn to care as much about - look at the amount of people that have written on here, it happens to everyone at some point.
I find that baby lotion when the skin is still damp works well, but you have let it soak into the skin before putting underwear on.
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Do not shave against the grain of the hair, meaning, do not shave in the opposite direction that it grows in. That should help a lot. Get a very sharp razor and go over the area once; maybe twice if its has been a while. Do not push hard on the blade, let the blade do the cutting.
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I am 14 and I have this problem . It is really bad, in the summer I am embarassed to wear a bathing suit but it is hard for me cause I own a cottage . I hang out with friends 24/7 upp at the cottage and they are always tanning and swimming in bikinis. I am really embarassed and I have to wear water shorts. The water shorts they rub against the bumps and make a big rash. Then it becomes a point where I don't even go swimming . I have tried things like putting poly sporn on after I shave, I shave in hot water, I use a new blade everytime, I use mens sensitive shaving gel, and I put aloe on afterwords. Sometimes I can't get all the hair and it looks like small black dots. I have had this problem for a few years and the bumps now grow like 3cm on my legs.
... Please help me !

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