Will Working Out Or Sweating Remove THC A Little Faster?


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From what I've read, basically, yes.  But it should be qualified by saying that sweating only helps the body with its own natural detoxification.  Drinking lots of water and taking Niacin (Vitamin B3) will also help with that detox.  

However, you should note that exercising that breaks down fat (and taking Niacin as well), which in turn releases the THC stored in your fat cells.  So, if you are taking a drug test, make sure to cut down on the heavy exercise and niacin a few days beforehand.
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It depends how often you smoke, how much, and your weight. Thc is stored in fat cells. If you only smoked once an da small amount it will be out in 3 days. Yes sweating will help, but again depends on the above factors. I am a nurse and work with drug alcohol and mentally sick so take my word for it
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Well since thc is absorb'd by your fat cells then it helps to sweat....but not just sweat you hav 2 work the whole metabolism so eat sweat and drink water and don't give yoyourself 3 days give it about 6 full weeks so that you kan klear all of it out of your system not just dilute the actual toxin....
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Yeah it helps but doesn't completely clean you out  of course stopping will help with trying to clean out
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Yes you can. Depending on your size, metabolism, and amount smoked will be when it is out. I don't smoke regularly any more but when I do it is out in a week tops. I have a healthy diet and exercise frequently.
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If you drink a lot of water to help flush out your systems.
Maybe that'll help.
If its a legit doctor test then you can't fake it.
If its one bought from the local pharmacy then just put water in it

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