If I Just Snort One Line Of Meth Or Smoke A Little Bit, How Long Will It Take To Get Out Of My System?


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It depends what kind of drug test you are taking, but usually traces of methamphetamine can be detected within the urine for up to four days after the last usage.

Your body will naturally rid itself of methamphetamine and the time this takes will be dependent on various factors.

Your age, weight and gender will have an impact, as will the amount taken and your body's natural rate of metabolism.

How long does it take one line of meth to leave my system...
  • Standard ten panel urine screenings will be able to detect traces of methamphetamine for up to four days after it was last taken. Urine screenings are the most commonly-used method of drug testing, because they are simple, cheap and effective.
  • Blood tests can also be used to find evidence of meth use. This form of testing can still uncover elements of methamphetamine in the blood up to three days after the last use.
  • Mouth swab tests look for traces of drug use in the saliva of an individual. Saliva tests are effective up to three days after methamphetamine was taken.
  • Hair follicle testing is used to detect drug usage over a longer time-frame. This method can find traces of meth up to three months after it was last used.

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