If You Are Pregnant Is H. Pylori Dangerous To The Fetus?


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H.Pylori is bacteria that is usually housed in the human stomach. This bacteria can cause disease in the stomach.

It is not known whether you can pass this bacteria on to your child when you are pregnant. It is said that 50% of the world's population have this bacteria in their stomachs so this is not life threatening to an unborn baby.

  • H.Pylori
As the bacteria grows and multiplies, there is an increased risk that there may be issues with disease in humans. As many people do not suffer from any symptoms, it is hard to work out who carries this bacteria and who doesn't. This widespread bacteria can be harmful to humans but this is only when they already have infections in their stomachs or surrounding areas.

  • Pregnancy
There are no studies that show carrying H.Pylori in your stomach can be harmful to an unborn child. There are no studies to prove or disprove that this is passed on to the child from in the womb and no evidence that it can cause illness in the child if the mother has it present in her stomach.

  • Immunizations
There are immunizations and vaccines that can get rid of this bacteria but they are not used widely. These are mainly used in third world countries that have an issue with other disease. Vaccinating against H.Pylori simply helps prevent any other disease that can be formed or grow from the presence of H.Pylori, making the resistance in the stomach lower.

If you are concerned about any medical issues when pregnant, it is best to seek advice from a doctor, midwife or any pregnancy medical group that you see. Many women worry about their baby's health when they are pregnant and talking to someone to understand more, can help you put your mind at ease or even highlight any issues that may be present in pregnancy.
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H. Pylori itself should not have any ill effects on your unborn baby.

If you were looking to treat your H. Pylori,  then the medications that are used can possibly have a negtive effect on your unborn child depending on what they are.

To find out more information and get further advice, you can go here.

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