Is It Possible To Have A Heavy Period If You Are Pregnant?


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It is actually impossible to have a true period while pregnant. This is because whenever you have a period, a layer of your uterus is shed. In order to be pregnant, the embryo has to attach to your uterus. If you shed a layer of your uterus, the embryo would also be shed. Make sure you take a pregnancy test to ensure you are pregnant. Many women do experience light to moderate bleeding during pregnancy, and it is usually not serious. Most of the time, it is due to an irritated cervix or bleeding resulting from the implantation process. More serious reasons can be from a miscarriage or an ectopic (fallopian tubal) pregnancy. It is best to see a doctor if you bleed at all during a pregnancy, especially if there is any pain or irregularities that accompany it.

Heavy bleeding can be problematic and definitely requires medical attention. It could be an infection. If you are bleeding heavily and suspect you are having a miscarriage, see a doctor immediately. There is a possibility of it being an ectopic miscarriage which has the possibility of being serious. Also, you could have a hormone imbalance. Certain types of hormone imbalances cause miscarriages. Don’t panic. These are just some of the most common possibilities of what you described. Your problem might not be serious, but it is best to see a doctor just in case. Remember that what is considered "heavy” is subjective. Your heavy period might be considered a moderate period to another woman. If you see a doctor, make sure you describe accurately what your bleeding is like, and the amount you are having. Also mention the colour, consistency, and any clots that you can see. Mention if you experience any pain or unusual symptoms when you experience the bleeding.
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It is VERY possible to have a heavy period and STILL be pregnant! I know this for a fact...I am 1 month and 4 days pregnant, and I had a NORMAL period! In fact, I knew 2 women that had their NORMAL period while they were pregnant to! Nothing was wrong with them either! So YES, it is VERY possible. Whether anyone agrees with me or not, I don't CARE. I know from experience...But even though I've experienced it, if I were you, I'd STILL go to a doctor and get it checked out, either way...Just to play it safe. :) Congratulations, and the best of luck!
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Yes it is possible, my sister had the same thing, and we were freaking out thinking she had miscarried, a lot of silly women on ere tend to think just coz a woman has her period she can't be pregnant, load of shit lol. My sister in law, had her periods right up till she was 7months and didn't even know she was pregnant. Good luck
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From the sounds of it you've had your period but are wondering if you could be pregnant anyway? This is unlikely, some women get light periods whilst pregnant but its unusual. Take a test if you like, just to put your mind at rest, then get on with trying this month!
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It has happened before that you have a heavy period when pregnant,I have only heard this one month after finding out she is pregnant, but this is also a sign of the placenta coming detached from the wall (very dangerous).
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how months are you pregnant? if your pregnant then you must not have your period... in that case you really need to see a doctor ASAP...
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I m very regular with my periods so far,but this time I missed my period & done pregnancy tests 3 times after days intervals & all came back negative, after 9 days delay today night I got my periods. Very confuse about wether I'm pregnant or not. Please help.
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It is very possible to have a period while you are pregnant. My grandmother had 5 children and had her period the first 2-3 months of 3 of those pregnancies, and was completely healthy.
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