My 12 Year Old Has A Fever Of 103.3 - Other Than Medicine, What Should I Do?


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Lukewarm bath to help bring the fever down quickly... Alternate motrin and tylenol... Motrin works best though usually... If it doesnt come down soon your child should probably be seen by a doc asap that is a pretty high temp
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Give the child that appropriate dose of Tylenol and relax.  That is NOT a high fever and there is no reason to try to bring the temperature down quickly.  Even untreated, most fevers will not go above 105 degrees.  At that temperature, the patient may feel uncomfortable but he is not in any danger of brain damage.  If the child has a history of febrile seizures, he may develop one, but it is not the magnitude of the fever, but the rate of rise of the temperature that causes febrile seizures.  If a child was normal before having a febrile seizure, he will be normal after a febrile seizure.  If a child has a fever, even up to 105, but acts and feels fine, he does not even need a dose of Tylenol.

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