I Have No Boobs And Am 12 Year Old . I Have The Most Smallest Boobs In My Year And People Tease Me , What Should I Do?


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I am 12 and my two best friends have boobs and have had their period and so I feel left out. I really wish I had a pair cause then my friends wouldnt be mean to me.. I really wish I could be normal and have them as some girls who are younger than me have boobs and I don't! :(
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Hey your very lucky  you don't have abnormal growth tissues in your boobs my friend is only 12 and she has the size of a average 20 year old that is embarrising just wear paded bras for a liitle while thell grow
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Ughh I know exactly how you feel. I'm around the same age and all I have is "buds". It's not cool. People tell you you'll get them soon and that it doesn't matter but it does matter. Every other girl in my grade has them and I just wish I was normal and had BOOBS!
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Don't worry about it
it doesn't matter
[I'm the same at 13]
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It will pass and soon you will think you were a dork for even caring.... Don't worry they will come and then you will not want them anymore...
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Do not complain, your boobs will grow, just be grateful you not seventeen with no boobs.
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Well, there is honestly not much that can be done, medically speaking. However, if you don't let yourself be bothered by what other people think it will show and people will see the real beauty that is within and not even worry about how many boobs you have.  And believe it or not there are guys out there that actually like girls with no boobs. Also, do feel too bad, my sister is 21 and she virtually has none either (she is a 32A). I don't even have that much, you are not alone with this problem. Your boobs will probably develop soon, but in the mean time if you are content with what you do have 1) people will notice that you are content, and 2) you wont be so worried. :)

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