Does Snorting Medicine Enter Your System Faster?


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Mati green answered
If your medicines were in a form that could be snorted, it would enter your system faster. BUT the main problem with snorting ANYTHING is the effect it has on your nasal passages and mucous membranes. Repeated snorting of any substance... Legal or illegal causes the nasal passages to thin out..... Especially the area just inside and between your nostrils. This area, and mucous membranes farther up inside your nasal passages thin so much that the veins can become exposed and nosebleeds can happen. We lost a good friend about 15 years ago who snorted cocaine regularly and died from a massive nosebleed that couldnt be brought under control. If you want your prescription meds to start working faster, you could crush the pills and mix then in food or juice and eat it.

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