How Do You Heal A Hyperextended Thumb At Home?


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Lots of ice and tylenol bro.  If you must use the hand find a brace.  If you can't find a brace or the brace doesn't give you the mobility you need; than wrap it yourself.  I'm a goalkeeper and need more movement than any of the braces I found gave me.  Here's the wrap that I use.  Wrap an anchor, a layer of tape, around the bone just behind the first joint of your thumb ( from your finger tip).  Wrap another anchor around your wrist.  Then lay strips down the length of your thumb from anchor to anchor, they should be on the top of your hand if your palms are facing down.  Take a strip of tape, around the length of your hand, place the middle of the strip in the angle created by the skin between your thumb and forefinger. Wrap the strip around until either side of it is on th anchor on your wrist.  Take another strip and wrap it around the anchor on your wrist,  this one just keeps the other strip on the anchor.  I hope this helps you.  Good luck with it,  and take it EASY for a while.  Oh, and you should use this wrap, if not a brace, every time you plan to do anything even mildly athletic for the rest of your life.

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