Medical Injury To A Finger What Is A Hyperextended Injury To The Index Finger?


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A hyperextension mechanism to any joint of the finger, either to the PIP or DIP, can cause a sprain. The volar plate is a very thick ligament that prevents hyperextension injuries.  If the force is enough, the joint may be dislocated.   A simple hyperextension may result in a small chip or fracture. This injury is often treated by immobilizing the joint at 20º to 30º of flexion for two to four weeks. In contrast, a hyperextension that results in dislocation can produce a much larger fragment. Some fragments need surgical repairs so a visit to the ER for x-rays may be a really good idea. 

You can cause a hyperextension in several different ways.  A fall in which you catch yourself wrong would be about the most common.  Getting your finger caught in something that is moving at a rate that cause extreme force would be a close second.  The biggest cause in a house full of rowdy children would be fights between siblings.  The twisting of the fingers and not letting go, that children tend to do, can sometimes result in hyperextensions in little fingers.  

Usually they are minor and require little more than a splint to keep them still long enough to heal.  There are always the exceptions to every rule.  Surgery is always a real concern when you are talking about bone injuries that can cause worse damage if left untreated. 

While hyperextensions are somewhat painful and slightly debilitating they don’t require casts and you get out of yard work or dishes for a couple of weeks.  Having only partial use of one hand is never an easy thing but with only a splint to cover it, you are going to eventually smack it on something and cause a quick shot of pain.  It happens to everyone, at least everyone I’ve ever heard of or talked to about it!
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Hyperextension basically means that the joint injured i.e. Knee, finger, etc. Is bent backwards from the normal bending motion. Flexion of the knee would be bending it normally, extension would be the straightening out of the knee until it's in the full extended position (leg completely straight) hyper extension means extending the finger or joint beyond it's normal extension range. If that all makes sense to you I'm not sure. But there it is.
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My son got hurt lifting wights, asper trainer he got injured from his thumb to Wrist and claims he got hyperextanded . What can you do to help it get better since he will be have baseball tryouts on thursday?
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Hyperextension means that you have bent it back further than the tissue and muscle should allow. Tearing of tendons can occur. Best thing you can do is stabilize the finger (make it so that it is in a normal position but not allow it to move) and let it heal.

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