What is the best way to relax? 


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Life can be pretty stressful, so learning how to relax is essential to your survival. There are plenty of ways that people unwind, but the key is to find the one that works for you!

For example, some people would describe a day-trip to a spa as the ultimate way to unwind, whilst others might prefer chilling out at a drag-racing strip, while sipping on a bottle of Coors Light.

Here are a few relaxation tips to try:

Nature - is a great healer. If you live in a congested city, there's nothing better than getting a "breath of fresh air" in the countryside. I know it sounds a bit cliched, but it really works.

I'd recommend a holiday by a remote lake as a great option for unwinding. Pick somewhere warm, and you can also enjoy a relaxing swim... Which brings me to my next suggestion:

Physical activity - The last thing you'll want to do when you've got some free time is to exercise and sweat, right? WRONG!

Working out can boost your well-being by increasing the number of endorphins being released into your body. These can battle stress, depression and general unhappiness.

And an added bonus of exercise is the fact that you will look and feel fitter and sexier too!

Spending time with friends - It's not what you do, rather WHO you do it with that really matters! If you're in the company of good friends, then even being stuck in traffic can be a pleasant experience.

Making friends and sharing your life with other people is the best way to wash away the blues.
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  • Take a body massage
  • Watch a romantic comedy movie
  • Play with a pet, like a dog
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Alma Holmes
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Good advice except for the pet part i am a little afraid of dogs thanks
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I'm allergic to dogs so I cuddle my hamsters instead ;)
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Um... Slip into a coma. Just kidding around.

  • Take a hot bath, light candles, and read for a while
  • Do a tension/release on your muscles - this will let your muscles know when to relax
  • Meditation, walk to your favorite spot, and do this
  • Turn off the phone, and watch a feel-good movie, not a tear jerker
  • Spa treatment
  • Cook your favorite/best meal, and relax with a movie/book afterwards
Hope this helps you at least a little.
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Helps a lot hope u are using some of these techniques and by the way that coma dont sound so bad lol
Jacquelyn Mathis
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Lol couldn't resist hon, just tickled a funny bone I guess. Haha. ^_^
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I usually relax by soaking in my hot tub for an hour or so while listening to some of my favorite music.
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Do yoga, it is the best way to relax, trust me!

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If you love music then this is the best way to relax. In all, I think it all depends on you means what you like the most you should do that because in this you will feel relax...

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From my point of view, I will suggest you keep listening to music and go to bed for a relaxing time and last but not the last, go for lan gaming. It will be complete fun.

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Spending time in places where you can get total relaxation and refreshment, like spa resorts and cheap spa days that offer you affordable services.

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