What Happens If You're Not Circumcised?


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Medically, nothing will happen if you are not circumcised. There are many reports that in case of no circumcision, chances of urinary tract infection are increased. This finding is based on clinical experience of many physicians and lacking authentic studies. So, more detailed evidences are needed to prove this.
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Nothing, you simply have a foreskin. There's nothing wrong with not being circumcised. The only problem that exists is circumcision. It's literally the mutilation of an infant's genitals because of unproven beliefs.

The purpose in the foreskin is to protect the sensitive tip of the shaft. The tip of the shaft is a section of sensitive meat. The foreskin protects that.

I remember when I was in elementary school and that skin would pull back sometimes, exposing the sensitive tip. It was extremely uncomfortable, that tip touching fabric. I don't know HOW circumcised men deal with that.

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