I'm 33 Weeks Pregnant And My Wrists Are Achy, My Fingers Keep Tingling And It Hurts To Use My Hands. Why?


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Probably it's carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). This is caused in pregnancy typically because of water retention (swelling) in all the joints. Within the wrist the passage that the tendons, nerves and ligaments have to pass through is quite narrow. So any extra swelling just makes it more cramped (and ultimately painful) in there. The nerves are getting pinched in the joint, and thus the tingling fingers.

The good news is that for pregnant women CTS is nearly always a temporary condition. It will go almost instantly after the baby is born.

If you suspect that you have CTS then make an appointment with your GP to get it treated. Mild painkillers in pregnancy (such as paracetamol) are okay to take in moderate doses. Wearing splints at night and avoiding any detail work that uses your hands will be recommended. Anything that helps to reduce water retention is also a good idea, including mild exercise, drinking more fluids (perversely this often helps pregnant women to reduce swelling) and massage.

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