My Left Hand And Wrist Are Numb And Have No Control, I Can Make A Fist Barely But Have No Coordination With Left Hand I Have No Muscle Control In Hand Or Wrist,forearm Is Numb Up To Armpit Tingles Like Its Asleep. What Is Happening? Help,please....


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I have a similar situation. My left pinky and half of that ring finger have been 'asleep' for three weeks now. I too can make a fist, but can't do simple things like zip up my jacket. My armpit isn't getting the numbness like you, just those two fingers and side of hand. I'm sorry I don't have answer for you. Just thought I'd relate my problem in case you get an answer-maybe you'd pass along. A lot of people have told me it's a pinched nerve, but don't tell me how to cure it.

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