What Is The Fastest Way To Clean Amphetamines Out Of Your System?


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Unfortunately there is no sure-fire way of quickly cleaning amphetamines from your system before a drug test. Instead it will take your body time to naturally dispose of the trace of amphetamines you used.

The time it will take will depend on a number of factors such as your weight, gender, age, the amount you have taken and your body's rate of metabolism.

Fastest way to get amphetamines out of your system.

  • The most commonly-used drug tests are urine screenings, because they are accurate and cost effective. In the case of amphetamine, it usually takes one to two days for your body to dipose of the traces of the drug in your urine.
  • If you are about to be saliva-tested, then it should take your body about the same length of time (1- 2 days) for it to naturally clean itself of any sign of amphetamine in the saliva.
  • In the case of hair follicle testing, then the traces of amphetamine will take a lot longer to leave the body. Using this method of testing, technicians can detect the signs of amphetamine use for up to three months after it was last used.

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