What Causes Your Feet To Burn And Hurt?


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If you’re on holiday in a sun-drenched location and you decide to go on the beach bare footed, you could find that your feet begin to burn in one of three ways. This triad of symptoms is known as the three degrees of burns. The first-degree burns you may have suffered in your feet could have been caused by an electrical shock or even radiation, and will probably make your feet red, itchy and slightly irritable. Skin in the region can be peeling 24 to 48 hours after the incident occurs, and you may find it takes up to a week for all of the symptoms of your burn to heal properly.

Second-degree burns are where the pain you experience from exposing your feet to excess heat elevates. Here, your feet may have swollen substantially, and the burns may have worked their way through more layers of the skin. Seek medical advice if you’re experiencing blistering; a doctor can provide all of the medication you need to alleviate the symptoms.

A chiropodist, known to you and I as a foot care specialist, will be more than happy to explain other ways that your feet may be hurting in this manner. For diabetes sufferers, pain in the feet can be caused by high blood pressure which upsets circulation in the body. Also, in other circumstances, it’s possible that you have plantar fasciitis, where the pain is mainly focused in your heels. Ingrown toenails can also be really uncomfortable, and remember, most foot-related issues can be avoided completely by being sensible with your choice of shoe, and avoiding too many nights out with your high heels.
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My feet feel like they are broken when I wake up in the morning, also if I sit or lay for extended periods.
Mine wraps around the top of my feet in the metatarsal (the 5 bones on the top?) - I have back pain as well and have been told that it is sciatic nerve pain extending to my feet.
I am going for an xray today (after years they are just getting around to doing an xray on the part of the back I feel the pain) so far it has been everywhere but...
Where is your pain? What part of the foot? Is there anything that makes it feel better? For me it is just time - once I start moving around it lessens in severity
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You have not mentioned which area of the feet cause pain like toe and fingers, palm of feet, heel or ankle. There can be many reasons for feet pain. These are trauma injury, ankle sprain, a cartilage damage in the ankle joint. This can also be due to deficiency of synovial fluid. I advise you to visit a doctor.
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My mom is not a diabetic and he suffers from the same symptoms.  Pain and a burning or pricklinmg sensation in her feet and it is very painful.  She has neurapathy in her feet.  She also has other problems like rheumatoid arthritis, Shogren's syndrome and lupus.  But the foot pain is the neuropathy.  She has to wear her shoes to bed and can only wear shoes like Sass shoes.
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Stop eating beef!  I noticed I had the same issue, after eating a hamburger, having had any in about a month and my feet feels wonderful!!
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Have you gained any extra weight lately?  If so, be sure to wear shoes that are well supported at all times, until you can drop the extra pounds.  It is easy to injure you feet, even to the point of a stress fracture.   I speak from "experience".  Take care! :-)
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Well, when the core of your body that holds all of your larger vital organs gets cold, the blood from the feet and hands will rush to the core in an effort to keep it warm. Maybe it's kind of the same idea. When the core of the body gets too hot, some of the blood retreats from the core of your body into your hands and feet in an effort to balance out the temperature in core, to cool it down. And once your feet and hands cool down, the blood can go back. It would go to your hands and feet because they are a lot easier to cool down than your core.
I can't be sure this is right, but that is what I think could be happening.
I hope you find the sure answer and that this gets you thinking.
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WHAT! Are you smoking Crack!
Beef has nothing to do with Feet!
It is an injury a nerve damage issue but eating meat!
Don't tell me you are a animal loving vegitarian!
You freak!

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