My Period Comes And Goes. What Does That Mean?


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Mine has done that on and off, except it'll start light and be that way for about a day and a half before stopping and then come back heavy two days later. I went to the doctor about it and she asked about cramps with it and thats when I noticed I have really bad kinda like someone stabbing me with a knife in my side every week before and week after. According to her its a Ovarian Cist. And before I actually went to my doctor I had went to the emergency room thinking it was Appendicitis, it got so bad. But besides the point it might be a good Idea to get checked out by your doctor.
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I am 61 and my period comes and goes and what age do you stop some say it is ok is that right
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I think you are asking that you are having multiple periods in a month. Some girls have periods 2 to 3 times in a month. However, this is not normal but it can be cured. There can be several reasons for this irregular period like medication, stress, over exercise, drug use, smoking, eating disorders, hormonal imbalance etc. You must consult the doctor for complete check up.

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