I'm Getting A Bump Around Da Vagina Area Only Before My Period Is About To Come On, What Does That Mean, Could It Be Herpes Or Something?


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A bump around your vaginal area can also be an abscess so don't leave it to long talk your doctor because if it is an abscess and you wait to long you may have to have it lanced. I had an abscess down there twice after having some infection seep out of my gallbladder so I went to the doctor right after I found it and he said that I was lucky if I had waited any longer then I would have had to have it lanced. I had to take a course of antibiotics and it went away. There is also a chance that you are suffering from a cyst. A cyst is a small fluid filled bump that forms under the skin and it can sometimes flatten out and not be felt until it moves again. I would get your bump checked by your doctor as soon as possible,because they will be able to tell you what it is and find the best treatment for the problem. I was glad that I did and didn't have to have my abscess lanced because I think that that would hurt really bad.
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I also get the same bump before my period. I don't think its an infection because I'm not sexually active. I think the body might just be cleansing out impurities.
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No your body flushes out impurity's when your on your period or before. Its nothing to worry about just make sure you clean it and eat healthier. But if your engaging in oral activities that may be a infection.
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So it is quite possible that you are suffering from the herpes. It may be prove to be hurdle in your sexual life. The reason for the herpes is in the area around the vagina which is not covered properly. So that is why your place around the vagina is bumping. So you should better to consult with some doctor in order to know what exactly it is. If you are pregnant or going to be pregnant then it can be dangerous for you. So you should better be careful about these things. If you are suffering from the neonatal herpes then this is problem for you so you need to be very careful and should consult the doctor as soon as possible. So there are several medication which you can use in order to cure the herpes and especially during the pregnancy.

Yes so the bumping around the vagina means that you may be possible from the herpes so you need to be very careful and consult the doctor as soon as possible you can. So this is all about the diseases.

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