I Am 35 Weeks Pregnant And I Am Taking Vicodin, How Will It Affect Baby?


3 Answers

Brandy Mullis Profile
Brandy Mullis answered
I took them while I was pregnant and my baby came out just fine. I took them up until I had her, so your so fine. I promise you this or your dr wouldnt give them to you at all.
jessica carmichael Profile
The only thing that I have found is that they might affect you in your first trimester and the baby might have withdrawls after it's born close to crack withdrawls but other then that I have found nothing
Paula Anderson Profile
Paula Anderson answered
It will depend on how long you have been taking the drug and how much you are taking. Many babies have trouble with withdrawals and end up having to be detoxed.  You really need to stop taking the drug now. If the hospital does in-depth testing it may show up... Whether they do testing depends on the babies reaction after delivery, or some drs. Do it if they suspect the patient has been taking drugs. I hope all goes well. This happened to my daughter because she has a disease that requires her to take pain medication. The doctors were aware of this. She stopped on her own at 36 weeks and her baby ended up in the nicu for 2 months but he is fine and doing great now. I hope all goes well for you.

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