My Period Came A Week Early. Am I Pregnant?


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It is unlikely, though not impossible. Some women continue to menstruate when they are pregnant, though usually it is right at the very beginning, so if you are unsure, take a pregnancy test to find out.

There are a few reasons why you could have spotting or bleeding during pregnancy; some are serious, and some are not, so it is better to get it checked out to be on the safe side. Sometimes it can be because conception took place close to the time of the next period; this has been known to lead to confusion over due dates, so the gestational age of the baby should be determined by an ultra sound.

Sometimes an ectopic pregnancy can cause cramping and bleeding during an early pregnancy. This means that the embryo has implanted itself outside of the uterus, usually in a fallopian tube, and it can be life threatening, so it is vital that medical attention is sought.

It may be hard to believe, but it is a fact that only about a quarter of all pregnancies go full term. Many end before the woman is even aware that she is pregnant, but if there has been a positive test and bleeding begins, it is possible that the woman is having a miscarriage. Unfortunately, although medical attention is important to make sure that there are no complications, there is little that can be done to prevent a miscarriage in the first trimester (12 weeks).

Bleeding later on in the pregnancy could be an indication of placental problems, either with placenta praevia, where the placenta covers the cervix, or placenta abruption, where it comes away from the uterine wall. Either instance could be dangerous if untreated, so medical help is needed immediately.
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Every women n my family has had a regular period uhp until 6 months of pregnancy it never fails so yes you can have a period and still be pregnant the doctor says ihts normal trust me everybodys body is different so noone can compare you to there's and say your not a friends tried to tell me I wasn't I got my period a week early and I'm 2 months pregnant with a regular period flow
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I didn't know I was pregnant, I was having my regular heavy periods, and long periods since I have anemia if you like my type, take care as if you are, if you want to get pregnant, get fertile aid pills, start on prenatal pills, these all help to regulate period too, I am pregnant, and I'm healthy, it can happen, god bless and GOD KNOWS HOW HE GIFTS US, SO MEDICINE HAS NOTHING WITH GODS GIFT, PRAY HARDER TAKE CARE MORE..GOD IS GOOD!!! SCIENCE DOESNT UNDERSTAND ABOUT MIRACLES!
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I am like you 2 I had my period for 2mnths when I got off of my peroid is at leaast a week early & always heavy...I was suppose to take iron pills but because of a trate I cant take it because it will make me sick...was you pregnant and still getting your periods 2 ??!!!!
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Yes you can get your period and be pregnant. Many of my friends have been pregnant and still had their period. One very close friend was 6 months pregnant and did not realize until her breasts began to leak. Another friend was 4 months pregnant and thought she was having issues with her gall bladder. Both were taking precautions. The 1st one was on the depo shot. The 2nd one was taking the pill but because her doctor was also treating her with antibiotics for another health issue, her pill did not work. Basically the antibiotics cancelled out the pill.
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Why do people submits opinions that are false. No you can't get your period, however, you can have something that is similar to a period, meaning you can bleed. When you are pregnant you no longer release eggs throughout the pregnancy, which prevent any occurrences of a period. However, there are cases where some women bleed, but that is not a period despite the fact that it appears to mimic one.
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I am pretty sure you are not pregnant.  I am a medical assistant.  If you got your period then that is a good sign you are not pregnant, almost positive that you are not.  Your period could have came early for many reasons.  Most likely stress, like the previous answer stated.  That was a great answer they gave.  Take care.
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I started bleeding two weeks before my scheduled period. It happened the day after I had sex. I'm not stressed at all. I've been living my day's pretty normal, so it doesn't make any sense that I have been bleeding for two day's. The first day the blood went from dark brown to dark reddish brown. I know you can be pregnant and still have some bleeding. Is it possible that I could be pregnant??
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Well I have been on birth control for a year, then on the first week of being off it for a year, I had unprotected sex. Then I had my period a week early- period seemed a little heavier than normal- do you think it could be just a change in hormones or do you think I could be pregnant?
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No it is wrong
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It could have been a Very early miscarriage.
I use to drink frequently, and I didn't know I was pregnant, then I got a really heavy period (Lasted almost 2 weeks) and turns out it was a miscarriage.
Or it could have just been an early cycle. Hormones and stuff, sometimes it just happens.

Try this pregnancy calculator, through this you came to know pregnancy week by week.

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Don't worry, you are not pregnent because when period start, old egg of flopin tubes came out with blood and New egg form after few days.So you are not pregnent.

Here are a pregnancy calculator app, through which you easily track your pregnancy week by week.

Good Luck!

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No. Womens cycles can change but having your period, whether early or late, usually signifies that you're NOT pregnant. Unless it's just very lite spotting, there's very little possibility of pregnancy.
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People are cannot get your period when you are pregnant. You can experience bleeding which could be caused by numerous things. The most common bleeding during pregnancy is called implantation bleeding which happens approx 7-12 days after ovulation. If you are worried you may be pregnant take a test. If it comes out negative and you are still worried go to your obgyn office. They can do blood work along with a physical exam. If you are not pregnant they will most likely be able to give you an idea as to what is going on with your body.
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No you aren't pregnant. It could be that you are a bit stressed out of late, and that can make your cycle come early. Don't worry about it.
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I got my period on the 9th of march and it ended the 14th I can't seem to remember if I had unprotected sex before or after..but I know I had sex the 22nd of march and the condom popped but I was suppose 2 get my period on the 4th of this mouth but instead of I got it on the 1st of this mouth...when I first got wasnt the same as the other ones what so ever the smell,or look and day 3 it stop but came back didnt really make sense to me..I thought I was just having a miscarriage but I still do think I am pregnant but I am scared to take a pregnancy test because some part of me will be sad if it turns that I am not pregnant..I don't know what to do I guess I will go to the doctor and tell them to do a blood test just to be extra sure...
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If you got periods 7 days early with normal flow of blood then no chances of pregnancy. Normal cycle length can be 26-32 days. If you got your period before 21 days gap then get appointment from doctor because it is abnormality. If your periods were between 26-32 days then it is normal.

Some ladies can have implantation bleeding 7-10 after ovulation. This bleeding is in the form of few spots just for one day. If your periods were in the form of few drops then it might be implantation bleeding, otherwise, you are not pregnant. You can also get pregnancy test to clear your doubt.
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My period came 4 days early last time. My period, if it was running back to normal should have been this week, but since the reset it should come next week.

Right now I feel bloated, Ive been burping a lot, and having a feeling that I need to use the bathroom a lot, even though nothing comes out. My feet look pale, which is a trait I have when I'm on my period. My bf have not had sex yet, but we have been doing some unprotected sexual activities.
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I had un-protected sex and he busted sperm in me a couple of times but I had my period because I was really close and now I missed my period so am I pregnant????

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