My 5 Year Old Daughter Have Constant Bad Nose Bleeds W/o Injuring Herself Or Messing With Her Nose It Just Start To Bleed And Sometime Gosh The Hospital Said Its The Change Of Weather It Bleeds Almost Every Day?


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When I was a child I used to get frequent nose bleeds. I was told that it was due to the lining in the nasal passages getting dry and cracking. I still on occasion have nose bleeds, but more often than not, especially during the winter months, my nasal passages STAY dry and I allways get blood when I blow my nose. If this is the case, swab the interior of her nose with a dab of petroleum jelly to keep it moisturized. Also, if possible let her sleep under a humidifier so that moisture is kept in her room especially if you have dry heat during the winter months. This will help a least it does for me. Good Luck!
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Good advice, Janes! That's exactly what I was going to say. I have the same problem - my nose bleeds when I blow it most of the year. Petroleum jelly works great! Cheers!!
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I suffered from this as a child. The doctors all told me that it was due to my nose drying out. I tried the petroleum jelly and it made my nose feel stopped up. When I was 19 I ended up going to a ENT doctor the day after I had a nose bleed. He caterized a small blood vessel inside my nose that he said was probably the cause. I have not had a nose bleed in over 10 years!
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My advise to you is to get your little girl to Mayo's or similiar hospital. This is a more serious problem than dry heat, humidifiers, etc. My daughter, now 55, suffered since age 9. SIX months ago finally had surgery needed all these years. Cauterizations did not help. I feel guilty for letting her suffer because I listened to doctors "heat" "dryness" etc. Excuses for too many years. Before this surgery she was dangerously anemic. Please take this seriously. Tigrmama11
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Is the heat very high where you are at ??? My niece suffered for years with nose bleeds as a child and it was all do to the heat in the house was drying up her nose and causing them. Hope this helps.
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Humidifier is very helpful because when your nose becomes dry it gets irritated so my advise when she goes to bed run the humidifier
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My 9 year old daughter has had nose bleeds since age 2.  She finally had the vessels in her nose cauterized and it helped for a while.  However, at the age of 7 she began having very bad nose bleeds again.  I was told by a friend that her mother had just went to have test done and there was something with her heart? Don't know but I have just scheduled my daughter another appointment with her doctor to make sure we do further test and try to figure out what is going on.  I thank you all for your advise and until her appointment I will try the humidifer and petroleum.  Again, thanks and I will update soon.
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I have always been told that to place something cold at the back of the neck to stop nose bleeding.
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I have a disease called Von Willebrand's Disease (vWD). It's a lesser form of hemophilia, but, it causes all the lining on your G-track (nose, mouth, and if you're a woman, genital) to bleed due to thinned blood and no clotting. Weather/temperature changes, stress, and illness all cause the bleeding to start/stop. Look into this if you haven't solved this already.

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