How Do I Flush Cocaine Metabolite From My Body?


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This can be a tricky question, cocaine is rapidly metabolized by the body, usually within the first 24 hours after use. This happens because it is a water soluble substance. After a single use, between 48-96 hours after use the metabolite levels will be below the 300 ng/ml level for immunoassay testing. Therefore causing a negative result on the test. However, the GC/MS conformation cutoff is substantially lower at 150 ng/ml, that can test positive for a longer amount of time being as its more accurate type of testing. For 100% of metabolites to leave the body can and does take up to a possible 10 days. The way this happens is the body eliminates half of the concentration of the cocaine metabolite every 6.5 -9 hours. For example, 50,000 nanograms, after 8 or so hours would be 25,000, 8 more hours 12,500, and so on untill the levels drop off completely. Most studies do not reflect real world usage of cocaine, there are very few users that only dose a single time. Usually its multiple doses over an extended period of time. Long term use, and slow metabolism increase detection time. For cocaine to leave the body educated guess would be anywhere from 8-12 days. Passing a urine test for cocaine, 4-7 days is a good rule of thumb. But again, everyones metabolism is different. Best advice is do not use, and stay clean.
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Coke takes about 3 to 5 days to come out of your system and that is if you only used that one day and you were clean before you used. Time is really the only thing don't believe all that crap about things you can drink  think about it once you put it in it just takes time to come out   if you drink a lot of water you may flush it a little quicker but thats it. There are things you can buy to pass a test like synthitic urine you can find it on-line and it costs about 50 bucks or so      good luck      of course the best way is not to do it at all but thats easier said then done right???

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