Is Their Any Way To Reduce Stretch Marks?


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There are some treatments available for removal of stretch marks like laser treatment, dermabrasion, and prescription retinoids. The creams advertised for removal of stretch marks are not known to be very effective however.
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Shefali! From personal experiences, I can tell that exercising the affected
area can help a lot! Adopt a daily routine and as you progress, slowly increase
the intensity of your workouts. You will definitely find results within a month
or two. Your stretch marks will become lighter and this is likely to boost your
confidence and mood!

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Stretch marks happen to everybody when they fade they will be much lighter in appearance not red I know that by keeping yourself enough hydrated this can help your skin also avoid on and of dieting this can cause them too
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No cream will solve the whole stretch mark controversy. These so called ''miracle'' creams are nothing but a bunch of scamming bull. The only possible way any CREAM alone can do anything is if your pregnant & you want to prevent them. I'm not sure if they work, though.

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Well i have been using something called Cocca Butter and it works fabolous..You can get it anywhere...use it for about a month or two depending on how bad the marks are and they will begin to less stand out..

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