Does Drinking Water Flush Cocaine?


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I assume by "flushing" you mean drinking a lot of water.

I'm no specific expert on cocaine, but I doubt this would have any effect, either immediately or after a period of time. I would imagine that cocaine passes into the bloodstream pretty quickly. Once there, it reaches the brain quickly. Drinking water is like closing the gate after the horses have run off.

Of course, if someone ingested cocaine in solid form, using water to flush the stomach might work very nicely. You'd administer a lot of water and then have the person vomit, repeating until the solid cocaine was expelled. If you could get the person to a hospital, they have better ways of doing this.

But smoking or injecting cocaine bypasses the digestive system, so drinking water should have no effect.
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No, why do all drug addicts ask if this or that can clean your system a day before the piss test?Oh yeah, cause drugs make you retarded.

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