Can A Girl Get Pregnant If She Had Sex A Day Before Her Menstruation?


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Absolutely, yes. Though popular belief may state that a girl who is on or near her period cannot get pregnant, science trumps the heck out of any and all arguments in favour of this belief, and it goes on to insist that a girl can get pregnant at any time, regardless of where she is in her menstrual cycle.

Bodies experience many ups and downs. While it is unlikely that a woman will get pregnant within a day of starting her period, a number of unpredictable factors exist to ensure that you can never, ever say never when it comes to unprotected sex and the risk of pregnancy.

Generally speaking, ovulation occurs an approximate fortnight before the onset of menstruation. This offers a nice cushion between the two stages, but no woman's ovulation schedule is absolute. In fact, every woman - even the ones who can practically set their watches by their cycles - is subject to irregularity. As such, it is completely possible for them to ovulate early enough, or late enough, for their eggs to be fertilised around the time of their period.

Of course, sperm makes its own contribution to the unpredictability of pregnancy. While sperm normally has an average post-release lifespan of 2-3 days, it can survive in a woman's body for as many as five days. In other words, it can hang around up there just long enough to fertilise that early (or late) egg.

A general rule of thumb to follow in regard to unprotected, birth-controlled sex is that anything is possible... Except the complete elimination of the potential to get pregnant. The next time you hear that you can avoid both pregnancy without birth control if you time your sex carefully, don't pay it any mind. Dismiss the notion entirely. Birth control is your only "guarantee" against pregnancy, and even it is subject to error.
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Sperms have been detected as long as 10 days in the fallopian tubes. Most likely ones that old cannot fertilize even if Miss Ova comes skipping along right into the middle of them. But...ya never know for sure.
Almost certainly if menstruation occurs right after intercourse, any sperms will be washed right on out. Even fertilized eggs, embryos, that have started to implant will almost absolutely certainly be carried on out because the endometrium, the uterine lining that the embryo is trying to implant in, is on its way out.
However, ya never know!
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Natural Family Planning is VERY reliable but it requires total cooperation. Not for occasional f**k dates.
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No, it is not possible. Menstruation is a sign that the girl has started to shed the lining of her uterus, and that conception has not occurred.

In most cases, a girl can get pregnant only when she is ovulating, that is, anytime between the fourteenth and the sixteenth day of her menstrual cycle, in a normal twenty eight day cycle. This may vary however.

In any case, during the few days before the menstrual period, the uterus would have started to shed its lining, because the ovum would not have been fertilized, and these days are referred to as the 'safe days'.
Therefore, there is only a very remote chance that the girl can get pregnant under these conditions.
However, please make sure that safe sex is practiced at all times.
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Folks, sex ISN'T safe!! From someone who's been doing it for several decades!! All you can do is make it less dangerous!! Even jacking off (guys) or diddling yourself (girls) can get infections or warts (HPV) from your hands onto your genitals! Warts on your hands, no big deal. Warts on Precious: Big Deal!! Take It From SomeOne Who's Been There!!
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While a very slim chance there is ALWAYS a chance of getting pregnant if she has sex. It does not matter before, during, or after her period sperm can live up to 3 days inside her body waiting for an egg.
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In general, menses (your period) signals that the lining of your uterus has been expelled to make room for a new home for a fertilized egg. Theoretically at least, if you have a new eggs on its way to the uterus from an ovary through the fallopian tube as you are completing your menses, and viable sperm within the uterus, this new egg could be fertilized and implanted.

If you already have a fertilized egg within the uterus and experience flow (your period), the hospitable environment for the development of the embryo, and the fertilized embryo itself should both be expelled and prevent pregnancy.

However, the human body is a mysterious thing, and never follows nature's (or medicine's) rules faithfully. You may have released eggs in a staggered fashion (one after another with some delay). In this case, one may be expelled, but the other available for fertilization and implantation. This is one of the many reasons why the rhythm method (sexual intercourse at the optimum time) is not a 100% reliable method for birth control. There is only one completely reliable method, total abstinence. The human body's goal, and that of every biological organism, is to reproduce. As the movie "Jurasic Park" so aptly illustrated, nature will find a way!
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You can have break through bleeding that can mimic a light period or you can have continual bleeding for an extended period of time during a pregnancy. In any event, you should be seen by a gynecologist to rule out pregnancy or some other condition.  Do not be afraid. There are worse things than being pregnant in this life. Embrace your situation for whatever it may be worth. Good luck to you!
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I think pregnancy is neato! Ya don't hafta worry that you'll get preggunt for 9 munce! And I get anudda brat as the prize!
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Yes you can still be pregnant. I had a period for the first 3 months of my pregnancy and that's why I didn't know I was pregnant until I was 4 1/2 months along. I usually skipped a period or two and that's why I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was 4 1/2 months along. It does happen more often than you realize.
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No, there are very rare chances during the period of one week after start of periods and the period after 3 weeks of the start of periods. Only two weeks are crucial for pregnancy, period of two weeks after first week of periods.
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I did some research and it is still possible sperm lives inside of a girl for 3 to 7 days and when her period comes around she releases an egg and the sperm pretty much attacks the egg therefore forming a baby so get a p test and find out but take it 5 days after you guys did it.
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Me and my Fiance have been trying to get pregnant.. Last month we had sex a day before I started my period..Could I possibly be preg..My tests keep coming up neg.But I have most of the symptoms
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Start going at it like sex maniacs about the time her vag is clean of bloody gunk. Go at it 3, 4 or more times. Even though the sperm count goes down with repeats, keeping your cervix coated with semen keeps a constant invasion of your "holy temple" by his army of little "soldiers." 600 million of 'em, a billion, may be better than 300 million of 'em. It has been found that sperms help push and guide others toward the Tunnel of Love (fallopian tube) where Miss Ova is going to make her appearance. The little tadpoles can SMELL her just like your man can smell you when you're hot for action!.
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I meant "3 or 4 times A DAY."
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Under normal conditions and logically, there should be no periods during pregnancy. Because periods start due to contraction of uterus and if it occur during pregnancy then it can lead to miscarriage. During pregnancy, ovaries remain suppressed and periods are not possible logically.  But exceptions are there. Some ladies can have periods during early months of pregnancy due to unknown reasons. Anyhow, whenever, you get periods after confirmation of pregnancy then visit to a doctor is necessary to avoid any loss.
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You can get pregnant while on your period. It takes 2 weeks for the sperm to implant the egg, so a woman can get pregnant anytime she has unprotected sex and is not on birth control.
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Rose P answered's usually from the first day of your period,....count 11 days to 16 days...those are the days that a woman usually ovulates....keeping in mind that you are on schedule
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My Nursing Instructor said no, but I can truthfully tell you I had periods for seven months, thus never thinking I was expecting. I don't think it happens often, but yes, it can happen.
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No if you have your period then you are not pregnant...I'm not saying it's impossible because it's aren't supposed to have a period if you are pregnant but it could happen if there is some kind of complication with your pregnancy but otherwise no.
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It is rare, but it has happened. When I say rare, I mean that, they say about one in 200,000 can have their period while pregnant. Hope this helps.

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