Why Do We Use Bmi?


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BMI is really just a guide and is not very accurate. A person with low BMI may still have a high body fat percentage, and a person with high BMI may have loads of muscle, like you said. You aren't less healthy if you have more muscle. BMI shouldn't be relied on. It just shows "a statistical measure of the weight of a person scaled according to height"(according to wikipedia.) If a person's BMI is high, but they have low body fat and are healthy then the BMI is not indicative of obesity, or any health concerns. There are many other things that come into factor as well like the size of your bone frame. Obviously a person with small bones will weigh less and may get a low BMI, but still have a high body fat percentage. It really is not a very accurate way of determining anything.This BMI calculator women helps you to calculate your body mass index instantly.

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It is a good approach that you must care for your health. You must use BMI through which you can get the most effective results for about your body mass, body fats and waist to height ratio.

You can use BMI Calculator ,to calculate body mass index although waist to height ratio instantly.

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BMI (Body Mass Index) is a statistical measure aimed to find the "fitness" of a person according to that person's weight and height.  You can use this BMI Calculator to find your own BMI value.

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