I Exercise Regularly And Have A Muscular Build, However My BMI Indicates I Am Obese. Is There Another Way To Determine Your BMI?


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Not as such. BMI basically stands for Body Mass Index and is worked out using the height and weight of a person. This method is generally a good way of determining the weight of a person in relation to their height; as opposed to expecting a 6ft female and a 5ft female to weight the same.  As with everything, BMI cannot be expected to work in every case but it does help give us a good indication in certain circumstances; but don't worry your case is a definite exception.

There are no other methods to determine BMI as it is the same as how much you weigh. No matter how you work out the calculation, the answer given should be the same otherwise it would be considered inaccurate. Some people suggest adding 5 or so points onto the normal level of a BMI chart for muscular builds, however, again this is not accurate as it depends on how much muscle you have.

I would suggest the best alternative in this case is a body fat measurement. This method is not as straight forward as the BMI as it does not calculate standard measurements to give the result. Instead, a special device is used which measures the body fat. Although these can be purchased, I would advise in the first instance to make an appointment with a GP and ask them to find a body fat measurement. GPs version of these machines will be far more advanced than the ones which can be bought over the counter.

So basically don't worry about BMI showing up as obese, this is likely to be purely a case of muscle weighing more than fat. Only if the body fat measurement shows up as obese will action need to be taken.
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I also have serious doubts about the BMI as a useful measure. Of course doctors and physicians need to refer to a common measure but it seems particularly unfair on those with heavy builds. For example there are many highly fit rugby players who will hit the very obese category. Most annoyingly this can affect your life insurance premium.
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If you are muscular, you should ignore BMI (Body Mass Index) for one simple reason. You are muscular. Muscle weighs more than fat and therefore every time you calculate your BMI you will be classed as OBESE. As an example Google "World's Heaviest Man" and "Arnold Schwarzengger 1974" and use the index to calculate their BMI's (and be amazed as how similar it is).

If you are musculed, it is far better to use % Bodyfat which can be calculated thus:

-98.42 + (4.15 x waist in inches) - (0.082 x bodyweight in lbs), then take that number and divide by your bodyweight in lbs and times by 100. That is your estimated bodyfat. A pro bodybuilder competes at between 3 and 5% bodyfat whilst the average man is about 20% bodyfat.
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Yes you are absolutely right,the bmi is not a complete accurate measure of checking if someone is obese because it does not consider muscle mass which is a positive thing instead of fats.
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this link is for muscular builds. I displayed a 26.2 (overweight) BMI on average on this site calibrated for athletic builds I displayed  a 22 (ideal) BMI
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BMI is not a standard way to calculate your obesity. Your weight should be according to your height and age. Height is the most important factor. I think you should check it on the internet. I am giving you a website where you can calculate the standard weight according to you height.
Standard Weight
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I had the same sort of problem when I was young. Just remember that muscle weighs 3 times more than fat. Try pinching an inch just pinch your stomach skin and if you get more than an inch then you may have a few extra pounds. but don't worry about it. Remember anorexic people put that list together and everybody should look like them, right.

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