How To Make Someone Sleep Using Chloroform?


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Do remember that this is illegal and should not be done to hurt or put someone to sleep. However, it is as simple as ensuring that the fumes from the substance enter the body of the 'victim'. Of course, nobody should ever be your victim and one would hope this is actually a question written out of curiosity. You see it in the films all the times. It's a really easy process, but there are many side effects which should further stop you from trying to put someone to sleep using the substance.

First of all, chloroform can make a person stop breathing. Remember that any medicine out there which is able to bring about a state of unconsciousness can also easily produce a state of apnea. The brain will go to sleep and so will the brain stem, the medulla, which controls breathing.

It can also cause laryngospasm. This is where the vocal cords become irritated within an unconscious individual, and the reflexivity in turn slams shut as a way of the body protecting itself. This also stops breathing, too, meaning that you can really cause a person harm by subjecting them to the chloroform substance.

Gastric aspiration is another side effect. A person who has been knocked out by the substance is actually considered to be in a state of a pharmacological coma. If the individual were to vomit during this state, it would be inhaled again. The acidity of the vomit entering the body again can easily destroy lung tissue, so this is just another one of the many side effects and reasons why you should not even consider using chloroform to put someone to sleep. Remember the dangerous side effects and the legal trouble you could land yourself in and you'll soon realize that using chloroform is not the best idea at all.

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