How To Buy Chloroform?


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Chloroform can be difficult to purchase at present due to its highly toxic qualities, misuse and the fact that most of its uses can be carried out by other, much safer, products. It is available online; however the rules surrounding its purchase and use differ from country to country and state to state. There is no real need for any member of the general public to purchase Chloroform, and although it may not be illegal in most areas, you would certainly be investigated carefully if police found you with it. It is a harmful substance with no real use to a law abiding member of the public. Purchasing this is therefore not advised.

In the past Chloroform was used as an anaesthetic by doctors throughout the USA and UK; and was for a period of time used for pain relief during child birth. The toxic qualities of Chloroform soon saw it replaced in the medical world with safer options. Chloroform was once frequently used in products such as toothpastes, cough syrups and ointments throughout the world. This was banned in the US in 1976, although in the UK it can still be found in small doses in a small number of over-the-counter cough medicines.
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It is difficult, at best, to purchase chloroform as an individual. If
you represent a school, university, or business/laboratory that
legitimately uses this substance, you can shop at chemical supply sites
such as Keep in mind, though, that since the
government restricts the purchase of chloroform to insure that it is
used only for legitimate purposes, it might be tough to you get your
hands on it. Even if you do, the penalty for possession in a federal
court is severe!
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Where can get chloroform

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You ll find it in the same section as duct tape and zip ties.

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