What Are The Main Rules Of Kitchen Hygiene?


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Hygiene in the kitchen is understandably very important indeed. Without excellent kitchen hygiene, disease and contamination can spread quickly and to devastating effect.

The main rules of kitchen hygiene are as follows:

- Clean all work surfaces with disinfectant spray before preparing any food
- Wash hands thoroughly before starting any food preparation
- Use separate cutting boards for raw meats and vegetables
- Always wash hands immediately after handling raw meat
- Check expiry dates on all products before use and dispose of them if they are out of date
- Always watch pans on a hob, do not walk away from a pan that is on a full power hob
- Any raw meat disposed of in the bin should be emptied as soon as possible
- All appliances must be cleaned after use and should never be left sitting for a long period of time

Following all these rules will make sure no food poisoning or other illnesses can be passed on. It is crucial that anyone who enters the kitchen is also aware of the rules such as the waiters and waitress at a restaurant. A clean kitchen can be a very safe kitchen and this is what any customer would expect when they visit a restaurant for a meal.
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Keep hair covered, nails must be short and clean. No jewellery or strong smelling perfume or aftershave should be worn. Surfaces should be disinfected after every use with a clean cloth. Utensils and crockery must be washed and sterilised. Bins must be emptied daily and never over filled. Cleanliness must be maintained inside kitchen at all times. Most of all, hands must be washed after every change of activity.
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Wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap before handling any food and after handling any meat.
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Kitchen utensils and surfaces should all be wiped after use and cleaned with hot soapy water. All other areas need frequent cleaning too; the fridge, microwave, floor, food cupboards etc. Make sure the kitchen is kept dry as well as clean.
If washing up by hand, a drying rack is better than a tea-towel; these often harbour bacteria. If you do use tea-towels, wash them frequently and hang out to dry after use. Change dishcloths frequently.
Always wash your hands before and after cooking, and wash vegetables and fruit.. Keep meat separate from other vegetables and try to use different chopping boards for different products. Reinforced glass or plastic boards are cleaner than wooden ones.
Try to keep animals out of the kitchen, and avoid smoking. Never wash up pet bowls with your own crockery.
bind up any cuts or open wounds immediately.
Empty food rubbish bins daily, and clean the bin regularly.
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when you are tasting never taste with the same spoon you are stirring with always put in hand and then or just take another spoon or fork to take and taste.
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Should'nt you add about not to brush your hair in the kitchen,and why???
But i like it so far but all u need it what i just said ok
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Always wash utensils
especially utensils that have touched raw meat!
Clean work surface
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If you need a bandaid wear a bright colourful one so if it falls off you can see it
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Wipe worktops with a steaming hot cloth and then rinse in boiling water afterwards :)
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