What Are The General Rules Of Hygiene You Must Follow?


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In order to keep up a pleasant and hygienic appearance, there are a number of general rules of hygiene you should follow. While it is not necessary to be extreme or excessive with your washing and grooming routine, there are certain expectations about how you should appear. Keeping to these rules and expectations will help you lead a generally healthy and clean lifestyle. When working in an environment such as food preparation or in a hospital, it is considered illegal and a violation of your contract to not meet certain hygiene specifications.

Individuals are expected to wash their bodies with warm water and soap at least once every one to two days. You should be particularly meticulous with your cleaning if you have been dealing with unpleasant smelling objects or if participating in a lot of exercise. Washing your hands is very important after going to the toilet as well as before and after handling things such as food, particularly raw meat, or holding or stroking animals. Hair should be washed at least once a week and brushed regularly.  Try to avoid using shampoos that contain borax or alkalis and refrain from using too much dye or other products on your hair.

You should brush your teeth at least twice a day and rinse well after every meal. It is most important to brush your teeth before you go to bed. Dentists recommend that you brush up on your lower teeth and down on your upper teeth using a circular motion. Make sure you also take care of the inner of your teeth and your tongue. Feet should be scrubbed thoroughly when bathing and you should occasionally use a pumice stone or foot scrubber on any hard skin. Take care to dry your feet after washing and keep your toenails clipped whenever possible.

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