What Could Be The Cause Of Daily Headaches?


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A common cause of daily headaches not many people are aware of is the consumption of the artificial sweetener 'aspartame.' It is found as a sugar substitute in diet soft drinks and other 'sugar free' products. Although the FDA claims it is safe, countless people have reported their daily headaches ceasing just two days after removing this harmful chemical from their diets.

I would suggest that you examine the ingredients list of every sweet-tasting food you eat and cut out anything with aspartame from your diet. This sweetener is everywhere, so beware.
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It means you could have la lump that puts pressure on your capillaries, that causes you a headache. Go see a neurologist.
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It could be stress' sinus's' or poor diet... Maybe even you need eye glasses. It could also be migranes.
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Encephalomalacia is softening of the brain due to a degeneration of the nervous tissue or vascular insufficiency. This is quite serious, you need regular medical checkups. Headaches are a long lasting side effect of meningiomas, even after removal

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