How To Abort A Child During First Month Of Pregnancy?


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Because we are not a medical authority we are unable to answer this question and instead believe you should seek a medical professional's advice.

  • The topic at hand is a very sensitive one.
There are individuals who believe that abortion is highly wrong and that the baby should be born no matter what the situation. There are also those who believe the situation in which pregnancy occurred could lead to abortion being an answer. Given the sensitive nature of this topic it is not possible to provide opinions.

Anyone talking about abortion must make their own choice and have their own reasons. The laws will be different in each state with regards to the legality of abortion. Many states still consider abortion illegal and will not allow a doctor to perform one.

If the state does recognize abortion as a legal process, a doctor may have their own morals. A doctor can refuse to do a procedure, unless they feel the patient would endanger themselves in trying to do the procedure illegally or by incorrect methods.

There are certain ways to harm a fetus in the early stages of pregnancy such as using drugs and alcohol; however, neither of these two substances may lead to an abortion. They may just affect the fetus at birth.

Since we are not a medical authority it is best to seek medical advice from a professional. A medical professional can answer the questions you ask, including this one, without a visit to the office. Most staff at a medical office may be able to answer this question or will make certain the doctor calls. For those who are asking this question for a report of some kind or for any other reason, the doctor may be hesitant to be specific.
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Hi hun, if you have decided that you do/can not go through with a pregnancy then it is best to consult with a doctor, there is no safe way to abort, and in most cases you actually need to have the "pregnancy tissue" removed from your body otherwise it can cause infection and can make you very ill, even fatal... I had a miscarriage when I was a couple of months pregz, bled profusely (never seen so much blood in my life) but then a week later I collapsed & ended up in hospital, I had a small piece of tissue (not even 1centremetre) lodged in my uterus & this had started decomposing & caused blood poisioning & I almost died, they had to put my in for emergency surgery to remove, & I ended up having to stay in hospital for almost 2weeks...
Some ppl may tell you that drugs, alcohol etc can cause a voluntary abortion but thats not true, some times the pregnancy will continue & you can just cause permanent damage to the embryo & that is not good for either of you...
I know it may seem hard, but the only proper/certain & MOST IMPORTANTLY SAFE course of action is through a doctor,
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That is bloody sick do you know the baby has a heartbeat from around 5-6 weeks so really you are a murder if you do that as it's still a human
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If it is medically necessary to abort pregnancy then you can use prescription drug called cytotec but use this drug under the supervision of doctor.

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