What Week Of Pregnancy Do You Get First Ultrasound?


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At this stage in your pregnancy the baby is at the embryo stage and is only about a half inch in size making it impossible to see just yet. Usually your Dr will do an ultrasound at 3 months of age when it is actually a fetus (baby). At that time the baby will be 1 inch to two inches long and can be dected if the baby is positioned properly. Most babies at this point can be seen. Be patient and you will see your little miracle  soon.
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Ultrasound is one of the modern scanning technique that is being used during pregnancy for different objectives. First ultrasound during pregnancy can be done after 6-8 weeks of the pregnancy. Usually, ultrasound during pregnancy are done according to following schedule.
  1. Ultrasound after 6-8 weeks
  2. Ultrasound after 10-16 weeks (Dating ultrasound)S
  3. Ultrasound at 12 weeks ( Nuchal translucency)
  4. Ultrasound at 18-21 weeks (Mid trimester scan)
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An ultrasound scan is normally advised between the sixth and tenth week of pregnancy. The number and the timing of these scans are different in different regions. Under normal circumstances a scan in between the sixth and tenth week is usually offered to a woman who has either miscarried earlier or is suffering from bleeding in the initial weeks of pregnancy. It is normally undertaken to ensure everything is going well and not to scare the expectant mother. This scan is generally conducted by placing a probe in the vagina rather than the normal abdominal scanning equipment. The procedure is similar to the one carried out during a routine pelvic examination. Anxious patients are advised to talk things through with their doctor or attendant nurse.

Even embryos no larger than a couple of millimetres will be seen on the monitor. In later stages the scanning is carried out by first applying ultrasound gel on the stomach and then the scanner is placed above the uterus until the foetus and placenta are located.
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You have your 1st ultrasound called a dating scan between 10-12 weeks, this allows you to see how many babies you are carrying and to make sure that your baby is developing correctly. It is a magical experience, I am now 15+4. The baby was so active at the 12 week scan doing backflips and rubbing its face with its hands, me and my partner cried when we saw him/her. We have our 20 scan in 1 month and can't wait to find out the sex, this will be called an anomaly scan where they do more in depth checks on your baby eg. Look for signs of spineabifida and down-syndrome and deformities such as cleft lips etc. Congrats!! And I wish you all the best with your little bambino!! :) xxxx
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You can't see anything before around 6-7 weeks, I went when I was  weeks and I had to have an internal camera so they could check the sack so in the first 3 weeks I doubt they would see anything even with that.
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In the United Kingdom, an ultrasound scan can easily be got during the early stages of pregnancy. It is a routine examination. It is usually performed when a woman attends an antenatal clinic for the first time during her pregnancy. There is usually a follow-up ultrasound scan when the woman is in the 18th to the 22nd week of her pregnancy. In other words, a lady must get two ultrasound scans done. The first is in the very beginning of the usual nine-month period of pregnancy and the second one is when she is in about the fifth or sixth month (or the second trimester) of her pregnancy.

In the first ten weeks of the pregnancy, the scan is done by inserting a small probe into the vagina. Television monitors are sharp enough to catch even the smallest embryos, which could be a few millimeters in length. Subsequent scans are done on the surface of the abdomen, by spreading ultrasound gel on the skin and passing the scanner over the uterus until the television monitor is able to find the foetus and the placenta.
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The ultrasound is the joyful experience to see our own baby in our womb. The frist ultrasound is done in 12 week near to end of first trimseters.The first ultrasound gives a clear idea of due  date.The sonographer can see a small gestation period pregnancy sac that resembles a black hole because it is filled with liquid. She can not see anything yet, so probably tell you to return to a second study in one or two weeks. The diameter of the bag of gestation is used to calculate your dates until an embryo visible.

The pregnancy symptoms are differ from each person to person. The pregnancy week by week symptoms is unique experience in the world it all precious memories that you share with coming generation also.
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Most of the time the Dr will do an ultrasound 3-4 weeks into your pregnancy. There are Dr's who will do it slightly sooner.
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You can get an ultrasound any month  but for an  accurate ultrasound I  suggest you wait till  your 5 months pregnant.

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