What Is Gliotic Scarring?


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Hello,it should be the same as Glial Scarring according to my information;enjoy the definition of wikipedia;

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Glial scar formation (gliosis) is a reactive cellular process involving astrogliosis that occurs after injury to the Central Nervous System. As with scarring in other organs and tissues, the glial scar is the body's mechanism to protect and begin the healing process in the nervous system. Although the glial scar does a good job at controlling and suppressing further physical damage, it does have important caveats to neuroregeneration. Particularly, many neuro-developmental inhibitor molecules are secreted by the cells within the scar that prevent complete physical and functional recovery of the central nervous system.

As an example, consider paralysis. After the physical injury that severs or damages the spinal cord, the formation of the glial scar partly explains why the patient is not able to fully recover functional normalcy.

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