What Causes A Brain Scar? How Can It Cause Seizures? What Can Be Done To Keep This From Happening?


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A brain scar, which usually takes three to six months for manifestation, occurs for a variety of reasons. Commonly, it takes place when an individual’s mind experiences an enormous amount of physical shock.

However, it might also occur due to deficiency of oxygen, contamination in the nervous system, a heart attack and many other similar reasons. 

After the brain injury has been caused, a part of the brain known as collagen, which is responsible for producing fibroblasts, starts to repair the wounded area.  For this reason, a scar emerges on the brain.

However, further damage to the brain starts to occur when the collagen starts to contract. At first the scars tend to be highly soft but as time progresses they start to harden.

The hardening of the scars interferes with the working of the brain as the neurons in the brain get impacted, which in turn leads to the occurrence of seizures.  Due to the anomalous movement of the neurons present within the brain, a person experiences seizures.

Seizure, a spontaneous transformation in the individual’s body movement, is not long lasting. They tend to exist only for a few minutes or for a short period of time.  They can be classified into various categories, which are emotive, mental, motor, sensual, or autonomic.

There is no particular time on which they occur; they can occur anywhere and at any time. Therefore, it is essential to keep their occurrence to as minimum as possible. 

First and foremost, it is essential to find out why these seizures occur. If they occur due to a head injury, it is essential to safeguard the head from getting further damaged.

For this reason, it is imperative for the individual to wear a helmet. On the other hand, if the cause is hypoglycemia, individual should keep a check upon the body’s sugar level.  

As technology has been progressing, treatments have been invented to cure the brain scars. Currently, the brain scars if detected at an appropriate stage can be cured either by using the nanotechnology or through surgery.

In order to read more about these methods, click the following link :

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A brain can get a scar when it's subjected to any sort of immense physical shock. Now what happens after a brain is hurt or bruised? Fibroblasts producing collagen repair the injured area this results in the formation of a scar. This collagen later onwards contract, which can cause a lot of damage to the brain.

Some scars are soft initially but then tend to harden over time. This hardening irritates the neurons (they are the cells which make the brain work). This scarring of the brain can take up to six months or more.
Now since scarring of the brain has a direct effect on the activities of the neurons, this can result in seizures. Seizures are a result of abnormal neuronal activity. Seizure is defined as an involuntary change in body's movement or function. It can last for a few moments and can be continuous for sometime. The various types of seizures that exist are as follows: motor, sensory, autonomic, emotional or cognitive.

For the management seizures it is necessary for the person to check his glucose level as hypoglycemia may cause seizures and this can be very harmful for the person. People suffering from seizures should wear helmets and to protect their heads during a fall.
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I hit my head on a radiator when I was a baby by falling out
of my highchair. I still have a scar from it. I had my first seizure
when I was 43 years old (64 now). Could there be a time
delay like that and could the fall cause the brain scar? I have
been on Tegretol and earlier Depokote for that period of time. Can anything be done to correct the situation (remove the scar)?
Also, before the first seizure I was sleeping 5-6 hours a night and had a poor diet. Thank you.
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It also depends on the location and depth of scar
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Is smoking a cause for brain scarring
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This is what results from having a stroke or a C>V>A (cerebro vascular accident) a bleed from a cranial blood vessel can raise the intracranial pressure under the skull. The brain tissue is easily damaged and this is what we call having a stroke. Usually it will end up with a degree of paralysis  depending on which area of the brain is most affected. It is possible to have minor bleeds which can cause minimal symptoms which can go unnoticed.
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I have scarring of the tissue on my brain as a result of M R I test why have I got this scarring I also have epilepsy which came first I was aged 41 yrs when I had my first seizure
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I have never had any head injury of any kind or intensity, but at 49 year age I had a seizure and an MRI revealed a scar. Could a seizure have caused a brain scar? And than what would have caused the seizure?

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