Is Trazodone A Narcotic?


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Trazodone is not actually a narcotic drug, but some doctors do prescribe it in small doses to aid sleep. It is considered less addictive, and therefore safer than morphine or sedatives. The drug is usually given to patients suffering from anxiety and depression. Its inhibitory effects are weak and therefore it is not associated with side effects that other drugs create, such as increased appetite and weight gain. There will still be some side effects such as sedation (hence the prescribing of the drug for sleep inducing) and orthostatic hypertension, which is the falling of the blood pressure when somebody stands up suddenly.  Trazodone is absorbed after it is administered orally and it normally takes up to one hour after ingestion for the effects to take place, this being how long it takes to peak in the blood stream. The absorption of the drug is affected by food; this can delay or enhance the absorption dependant upon the patient. The drug will stay in the blood stream for up to 6 hours and a second dose can last up to 9 hours. Because of the time it stays in the blood stream, Trazodone can cause some patients to not feel hungry the day after taking it. This can in some cases cause symptoms such as anorexia, increased anxiety and depression. The drug should only be taken as prescribed, as the side effects can be extremely dangerous. Patients under the age of 18 who are taking Trazodone alongside other antidepressants may experience heightened suicidal thoughts. Because of the dizzy effects the drug can have on some people, it is advised not to operate machinery or drive after being administered the drug.

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